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Posted on Dec 4, 2017 in Blog

Design/Build As part of a larger Shaw Electric project, IAS has a design/build portion for electrical and controls. This project has a tight timeline and high expectations, reasons why the customer chose Shaw Electric and IAS to do the job. Edgar is getting his controls engineering career into high gear by laying out the back panels and electrical schematics for a panel retrofit project. Please relay to your customers that Shaw Electric and IAS can handle all their electrical and controls design and build challenges! The IAS Story—By Josh Kruse  ...

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Power For The Future Comments Off on Power For The Future

Power For The Future

Posted on Apr 7, 2017 in Blog

Have you noticed solar panels installations popping up in more places every day? There are good reasons for this: photo-voltaic (solar) technology has made great advances over the last few years so the cost for the equipment keeps coming down, the cost of energy keeps going up, the amount of energy we use is increasing, and the best part, sunlight is FREE. IAS has installed both roof and ground mounted systems over the past few years. We can deliver turn-key solar designs and installations for all types of applications. If you know of someone looking into solar or you have an interest to add solar to your home, give IAS a call. We can answer any questions and get you a quote for your own...

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Field Service Supervisor

Posted on Apr 7, 2017 in Blog

Field Service Supervisor There are a few changes within the IAS department since Ken’s retirement. I have taken over as IAS manager and now Stephen Mahieu has accepted new responsibilities as Field Service Supervisor. The job title he already had but his role has changed. In addition to being a highly respected and very talented electrical technician, Stephen now manages the IAS service calls and preventative maintenance projects.   Stephen has been with IAS for over 8 years now. His expertise in the electrical maintenance industry is second to none and he provides the foundation for our preventative maintenance services. IAS strives to partner with all our customers to maintain their electrical equipment. Whether it is infrared scanning, ultrasonic testing, VFD capacitor reforming, battery bank testing, circuit breaker testing, or simply cleaning and inspecting, IAS can do it all. Give Stephen a call to congratulate him on his new role and also pass on any customer contact information who may be in need of PM services. Josh Kruse March 2017...

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Happy Trails Ken! Comments Off on Happy Trails Ken!

Happy Trails Ken!

Posted on Jan 4, 2017 in Blog

The retirement party has come and gone. Gifts were given, speeches were read, and many warm good-byes said. The ticket was punched, the plane was boarded, and the wheels lifted off. With his departure Ken’s IAS chapter is closed, while mine turns a new page. Ken was an integral part of IAS for the past 10 years. He steered the IAS ship to growth and hiring. We are very grateful for his leadership and direction over the years. He has given me a great blueprint to follow in my new role as IAS Manager. Ken’s great customer relationships have build a shining IAS reputation from which to grow. We wish Ken the best in retirement. Enjoy his golf game, hunting trips, and grandkid(s). If he is ever in the area don’t forget to stop by and say hello. Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the shop, the technicians were adjusting to the loss of their boss. They were a good crew, but like armies of old, they knew when a fine solder was missing from the fold. The younger ones will step up to replace them, as they always have done. But it’s sometimes hard to replace a certain one. We wish him the best, and hope...

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New IAS Leader Comments Off on New IAS Leader

New IAS Leader

Posted on Jan 3, 2017 in Blog

With the impending retirement of your intrepid reporter, Shaw Electric has turned to Mr. IAS (and ISU), Josh Kruse, to lead IAS into the future. Josh is coming up on his 14th anniversary with IAS, starting with the company out of school. Having touched every aspect of our business, and excelled on jobs across the spectrum, Josh is ready, willing, and able to lead the group. Josh is an Iowa guy, who grew up on a farm in the Mt. Pleasant area. He’s known in the area for anchoring the corner on the defensive line, and playing center, for his Mt. Pleasant High School football team. Josh went to Iowa State (go Cyclones!) and received a degree in Computer Engineering. He married his high school sweetheart, Kara, and they are blessed with 3 children. Some folks may not know that Josh started in the field with Shaw Electric at the Burlington Hospital job. He traveled to Rolla, MO, to wire up the Royal Canin plant. Josh now has his professional engineering license and is one of the top electrical engineers in this region of the country. With a good group of IAS professionals ready to serve and solve, we know Josh and IAS will continue to grow and...

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Line 13

Posted on Nov 1, 2016 in Blog

Line 13 You may think an industrial process with a name such as Line 13, there may be many problems. After all, if there aren’t any Floor 13’s in buildings, should there be a Line 13 in a plant? And if IAS and Shaw Electric were to redo the power and control on Line 13, would the project be snake bit?                 Not when you have the project designed and led by Mr. Josh Kruse, and installed by IAS’s M&M’s, Mike Truninger and Mark Johnson, and Shaw electricians Mike Thola and Tim Clark, Sr.     Don’t forget our drafter Mr. Steve Garthaus, who put Josh’s designs into AutoCAD for our field folks to wire by. The project turned out anything but snake bit. The installation was ahead of schedule and under budget, and the startup was quite smooth. Even though this line is the most complex Josh has tackled to date, the job turned out great! From engineering to controls, from panels to field installation and startup, IAS and Shaw Electric team up to provide full service to our customers. This is a strength of our team that has led to many satisfied customers looking for 1 contractor to do it...

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